A software that makes the impossible possible

SednaSpace is a software architect designed for human to interact and interface to deliver software solutions and build vertical products at a rocket speed offering traditional delivery.

It is easier than ever before and a paradigm shift for software development and delivery.


Business Benefits:

  • It offers centralized control and consolidation for all your business activities.
  • Easy to address technology benefits to laymen and business users.
  • Quick transformation of technology to business to realize cost advantage.

Technical Benefits:

  • All technology output on a single click.
  • Browser based software development that caters to world class innovation.
  • Software development can be controlled from one location.

Gan Shan,
GeoICON Pte.Ltd.,

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What is SednaSpace?

SednaSpace is a browser based software development platform for the technical and non-technical people to develop web based software products/projects having BPM, Workflow and SOA.
Deploy applications without any effort, which can co-exist with the existing applications in any environment such as .Net, Flex, Java and PHP.



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