SednaSpace Platform Features

  • Form building
    Develop rich internet applications using an IE browser(without any plugins). HTML pages can be developed using simple drag and drop. Based on the user selection, the developed pages will be converted as .aspx or .jsp or with flex embedded pages on the fly. The developed pages will be compatible to IE,Firefox, Chrome and safari browsers. All form data submissions are done thru AJAX. Business rules can be defined using menu driven.
  • Multilingual
    All static labels can be multilingual. Multilingual data can also be inserted/modified.
  • Security
    User/Role based security is used. Security permissions are given to roles. The roles are assigned to users. A user can belong to multiple roles. Security is configurable through menus. Security is applied at page,action,row and column level.
  • Logging , exception handling and debugging
    The errors and events are logged(into a database or file based on the configuration). All exceptions are logged with stack trace. Database transactions are automatically rolled back, if any exception is thrown. Business logic can be debugged. Debugging can be enabled on a per user basis. This helps in debugging on production systems too.
  • Report writer
    Generates report for PDF,MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, CSV and dot matrix formats. Nested tables are also supported. Conditional coloring,font size for the values are also supported. Static and dynamic images are supported.
  • Web services
    All business logics defined are exposed as REST/SOAP based web services. The web services are still governed by the security features.
  • Business Process Management
    BPM designer is an drag and drop editor for BPMN(Business Process Management Notation) based diagrams. SednaSpace BPM engine executes the business processes defined using the designer. BPM engine also provides process statistics. It provides ways to trace a business process instance on the diagram itself. Workflows can also be defined.
  • Interpret engine
    All business logics defined are stored in XMLs. These XMLs can be converted to 3GL languages such as C#,Java. Interpret engine executes the business logic directly from XMLs instead of converting into code. This makes development and deployment faster.
  • Code Generator
    All business logics are defined using XMLs. These XMLs can be converted to 3GL languages such as C#,Java,PHP. Code generator generates 100% code for all the three layers i.e. presentation(.aspx , .jsp), business(.cs, .java) and database(.sql) layers. The generated code is not dependant on SednaSpace. The code generator makes 100% risk free in adopting SednaSpace.
  • Versioning
    The pages developed using SednaSpace can be versioned similar to any source code control system. Developers can check-in/check out/get latest version of the pages.
  • Global development environment
    SednaSpace is a browser based platform. This makes collabration between developers and customers easy. The project manager can invite developers or customers to take part in the project development or QA. Also project manager can allocate pages to developers. This feature is very useful for agile development. Developers share their work with the customers on a daily basis. The customer gives feedback in real time. Thus it makes the bug fixes faster and also sets the customers expectation.
  • Re-use existing assets
    HTML pages(should also be XML based), C# or Java libraries , Database tables, Database stored procedures can be imported into SednaSpace platform. The HTML pages imported will be automatically converted to .aspx or .jsp pages.
  • Integration
    SednaSpace is a collection of dlls/jar files. SednaSpace can work along with your existing web applications. This feature is useful for ERP vendors. SednaSpace acts as an ERP customization tool. All business logic are exposed as web services.
  • Extensibility
    SednaSpace platform can be customized based on your needs. SednaSpace platform can be extended by the developers by creating new user interface controls, new libraries or functions.

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